Steve's Domain

Website of Tasmanian ICT teacher Steve Brookes

Lis Dillon Beach

This website is now nothing more than a test site that I will use to experiment with new code and ideas.

I started the site more than 15 years ago as a means of learning how to host a site and how to do some basic HTML. It then evolved over time to include a heap of stuff and grew into something of a monster that tended to consume far too much of my time.

So it has now returned to its former role as a test site; I have retained the photo gallery (Gallery2) as that is something used by my family but have ditched the family tree, MediaWiki, music database and weather page.

The family tree information is now on so there is really no need to host a duplicate site; anyone interested in delving into their own family’s history will no doubt use Ancestry anyway.

I have now started my own business, Blue Swallow Designs, which is completely unrelated to IT; I make small timber garden ornaments, boxes and crafts. Eventaully I hope to be able to retire and spend my time in the workshop building things - and, hopefully,someone will buy them.